You may not know our name, but you’ve probably seen our jewelry.

We’re in store windows and jewelry cases on Madison Avenue, 5th Avenue, Rodeo Drive, and Bond Street. Or you might have seen our pieces in the #1 luxury department store chain in the United States, and in auction catalogs from Hong Kong to London. We sell to the trade, from Tokyo to Amsterdam, at major trade shows, by mail, and now on the web.

Vendome Incorporated sprang from a life long love of jewelry and grew to a serious study of its history by a devoted collector. After studying in Europe and “picking” for other dealers, Vendome has its first sale in 1992, and first major trade show in 1995. We still do shows in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Palm Beach.

We specialize in fine Antique, Period, Estate, and Signed jewelry, unique pieces that can be “worn”, and not “stored”. We sell pieces that can become a part of jewelry wardrobe, and bring your client back for more distinctive designs. We also help cater to your collector client that is looking for that one of a kind pair of earrings, or a clever brooch that will become her trademark.

View our online catalog, e-mail us with your requests, or tell us about a piece you might be interested in selling.

Vendome Collection
1250 N.E. Loop 410, Suite 235
San Antonio, Texas 78209


Office: (210) 832-8129
Cell: (805) 570-6693
Fax: (210) 832-8148